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70 years after her death, Eva Perón returns as a Disney series


I will return and I will be millions“. The phrase is usually attributed to a lifeless Eva Peron, whose death marks 70 years this Tuesday during which his name was subject to prohibition, reverence and deep political disputes that do not stop coming to the surface now, when a Peronist government is on the edge of the abyss. Strictly speaking, she never made that prediction. It is part of a poem written by José María Castiñeira de Dios to give an account in 1952 of the emotional impact caused in the crowds by the death of the “standard bearer of the humble”, a rainy July 26, at the age of Christ. The general’s second wife Juan Domingo Peron, one of the great Argentine myths, so romanticized and at the same time reviled, nonetheless finds in this digital present a curious verification of that poetic omen. Eva’s “come back” mode is related to streaming. Star +, the Disney platform, launches the long-awaited Saint Avoida series based on the narration that Thomas Eloy Martinez published in the mid-1990s.

Martinez, also author of Peron’s Novel, and from the anthological conversations held in Madrid with the old general, he reconstructed not only Evita’s last hours but also the fateful itinerary of her corpse, kidnapped and even harassed by the military who had overthrown her husband in September 1955. body was recovered in 1972 and returned to the country two years later. The series tells of agony and revenge while, away from the screens, away from the entertainment and dissipation of winter vacations, the dollar and devaluation rapidly corrode the survival capacity of current President Alberto Fernández.

The popular Uruguayan actress Natalia Oreiro has been put on the skin and body of Evita for Disney. In the first scene of the series she is seen dying. She already in nothing she looks like the one he visited Barcelona in 1947 together with the dictator Francisco Franco. It has been transfigured. She tries to leave prostration and approaches a window of the presidential palace. She wants to be with hers again “shirtless” of hers, those humble men and women whom she also called “my little fats“, and that they venerated her for having access to housing, health treatment, a bicycle for her children or a sewing machine. Oreiro believes that avoid she was betrayed. “I don’t think it was the disease that prevented her from being vice president. They didn’t let her, they didn’t want her to be,” she says about her resignation from the candidacy in the 1951 elections due to military pressure and from Perón himself, despite claims popular. “Evita gave her life for the humble and the others left her alone,” she adds.

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The issue of loneliness has also been recurring for weeks to talk about what happens with Fernandez. The relationship he has with his vice president, Cristina Fernandez de Kichner, has gone through moments of silent bitterness, derived from their differences regarding the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It has been the fear that a crisis will worsen, that the right wing opposition considers almost terminal, which brought them back to a table to discuss how to get to next year’s elections, even if it’s with an artificial respirator.

The inflation that devours everything

The great fear that the Fernandezes have is that another jump in the price of the dollar will accelerate the times so feared. The cost of living climbs and climbs. An Evita-themed restaurant should open its doors these days. Upon entering, the diner will find a classic photograph of the day of historical renunciation, with him and her embracing. There is also in that space a confessional from an old church where a sculpture of the “standard bearer of the humble” will be exhibited. The price of the dishes in that restaurant or any market is unknown with the ups and downs of the US currency. The 100-peso bills with the image of Eva are worth less and less. That deterioration is also symbolic. The effects of inflation especially harm poor or indigent Argentines. The last measurement calculated that 40% of the inhabitants were in that situation. Current events foreshadow an increase in those rates.

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Where there is a need there is a right“. The phrase is also frequently attributed to the avoid commoner, in whose name so many young people died in the 1970s as part of clashes with right-wing Peronists and later at the hands of the military. And while she never made that statement, it is taken for granted that it could represent her thinking of the final years, when she accentuated her egalitarian discourses. “There cannot be a right behind every need”said Carlos Rosenkrantz, the president of the Supreme Court, and Javier Milei, the vox emulator and aspiring to the presidency in 2023. In that provocative refutation of the aphorism, the dramatic Argentine crossroads.

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