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A chess robot breaks the finger of a seven-year-old boy


years ago the last technology applies to boards Chess to test their responsiveness. However, last week he left an unusual image when a robot grabbed and broke a finger of his rival, a seven-year-old boy, during a game at the Moscow Open.

The automaton, which was participating in the tournament in four simultaneous games, pinched the minor’s finger and twisted it until it broke, according to the Russian media. “The robot broke the child’s finger,” he explained. Sergey Lazarevpresident of the Moscow Chess Federation, to the TASS news agency.

The incident occurred on July 19 and the video was shared on the Baza Telegram channel, a Russian investigative medium, in which it is seen how the assistants intercede to free the child’s finger.

child’s fault

Sergei Smagin, vice-president of the Russian Chess Federation, then explained that it was not due to a violent gesture from the robot, but to an “extremely rare” error caused by the child not waiting for the machine to complete its tile move and opting for a replica quickly, which caused the incident. “There are certain safety rules and the kid apparently violated them. When he made his move, he didn’t realize he had to wait first,” Smagin said.

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Representatives of the Russian Chess Federation explained to the agency that the boy’s finger was in plaster, and he continued to play the next day. His parents, however, have contacted the prosecution. Baza has explained that the victim of this incident is Christopher, one of the best 30 chess players in Moscow in the under-nine category.

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