Home News A Colombian peasant leader is killed in front of his family

A Colombian peasant leader is killed in front of his family

  • Frai Torres was shot in front of his wife and one of his sons by assassins who fled after the murder

The peasant leader Frai Torres was assassinated this Wednesday in front of his wife and one of his children in events that occurred on a farm in the department of Magdalena, in northern Colombia. Torres, 38 years old, was on his farm in the town of Palmor de la Sierra as far as gunmen arrived and shot him and then fled. According to local versions, Torres was riddled with bullets in front of his relatives, who hid for several minutes and later informed the authorities, the Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz) reported on social networks. This is the second social leader assassinated in Magdalena so far in 2022.

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The Platform of Human Rights Defenders, Activists and Social Leaders of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta said on social networks that Torres was the treasurer of the Community Action Board of the Nueva América hamlet in Palmor de la Sierra. According to Indepaz with Torres there are already 129 assassinated social leaders in Colombia during 2022. The figure increases to 1,356 since 2016 when the peace agreement between the Colombian State and the extinct FARC guerrillas was signed.

For its part, the Ombudsman’s Office reported 2 weeks ago that 136 social leaders and human rights defenders have been murdered in Colombia in the last 8 months, 27 more cases than those registered in the same period of the previous year. When breaking down the figures, the Ombudsman assured that the most affected are the community leaders with 38 cases, followed by indigenous leaders with 31, community leaders with 25 and peasants or agrarians with 11.

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