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AEG 8000 Series Bagless Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


with brand AEG, specialized in domestic equipment, has recently arrived in our market the 8000 Series Cordless Vacuum, with the perfectionist spirit that recalls the German origins of the brand, and with the accumulated experience. It must be said from the outset that, as the tests carried out on the equipment demonstrate, the results in the suction work are excellent and that, while waiting, it is not necessary to hide it, since its remarkable design harmonizes with any decoration, becoming one more piece of the home.

In terms of usage assessment, AEG meets the demands for power and comfort in terms of cleaning, since the vacuum cleaner is well prepared to remove dust, mites or pet hair from any surface, as well as contributing to fight allergieswith the advantage of freedom of movement provided by a wireless device.

According to company sources, these cordless vacuum cleaners offer solutions that help improve everyday life in homes. The range exceeds expectations in terms of cleaning, combining power and comfort, thanks to an easy and intuitive interface and a set of accessories to achieve a deep clean in less time.

Featured Advantages

The 8000 Series provides a very powerful suction (6 times greater than usual) that favors thorough cleaning, thanks to its cyclonic technology and its 5-stage filtration that can remove up to 99.9% of fine dust, making house cleaning not only effective but visible to the naked eye.

It works with noise levels of 79db, with a weight of 2.9 kg and an automatic mode that adapts the suction power to the type of surface: parquet, marble or carpet. It is manageable and easy due to its automatic procedure for suction modification, depending on the type of soil.

Another advantage that should be highlighted is that it has up to 35 minutes of autonomy, per charge.

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The special design of the product facilitates cleaning tasks and makes them less tedious and comfortable. Its Roll In Roll Out extraction system makes it possible to start it without having to lift it. Its QuickRelease system allows the hand unit to be separated from the charging station by pressing a button. It has a telescopic tube, with different range levels, to reach different areas and has a magnetic tank, where the dust is trapped. Its emptying is easy, since it is magnetized.


Includes different brushes for surface types, which can be changed without bending down, thanks to the FootRelease foot release mechanism. The suction nozzle has an LED light, to see any dirt present, even if it is very small. This accessory has the Brush Roll Clean technology that ensures that, by pressing the pedal located on the suction nozzle, the stuck debris will be untangled.

The team integrates the PetPro+ nozzle, which together with the Bedpropower, are the right ally to remove pet hair and dust from upholstery. Its brush, made up of rubber strips and its suction power, make these accessories useful pieces even in the car.

It also has a duster nozzle, for fragile objects such as jewelry, lamps, televisions or delicate furniture. It has another standard brush for the rest of the furniture, to clean without damaging the surface. Finally, highlight the UltimatePower hard floor brush that is capable of trapping dirt lodged in the narrowest spaces and even in cracks.

Summary of benefits

The 8000 Series adapts to different needs due to the variety of product versions that the brand has designed, as well as the number of accessories available.

Your vacuum system adapts automatically to all types of soil.

It has a working autonomy of more than half an hour,

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uses cyclone technology to offer suction power and a five-layer filtration system that removes up to 99.9 percent fine powder (in the size range of 0.3-10 microns).

It has no cables, which makes it easy to move around the house.

It adapts the suction power to the type of surface, which makes it possible to clean parquet, marble or carpet, etc.

It integrates a ‘Roll In Roll Out’ extraction system, with which it starts up without having to lift it. The ‘QuickRelease’ system allows the hand unit to be separated from the charging station at the touch of a button. It has a magnetic deposit, where the dust is trapped.

Its telescopic tube can be extended to different levels and with the ‘FootRelease’ mechanism the brushes can be changed without having to bend down.

It has different brushes, among which is the nozzle with LED light that highlights imperceptible residues. It adds a technology specifically designed to prevent stuck debris from becoming entangled.

For fragile objects the firm has designed the duster nozzle.

The brush for hard floors is capable of collecting up to one hundred percent of the dust from joints and cracks.

Pet hair, dust mites, house dust and heavy dirt can be removed from upholstery, mattresses or pillows with the brush. electric suction PetProPlus


This series of cordless vacuum cleaners is made up of different versions that differ in color and the accessories they include. The price ranges from 489 euros to 549 euros.


Brand: AEG

Model: 8000 Series

no wires

Weight: 2.9kg

cyclone technology

Automatic soil selection mode

Filtering: 5 stages

Removes up to 99.9% of fine dust

Battery: 2,500mAh

Quick charge: Yes

LCD screen

Dedicated brushes (pets)

Autonomy: up to 35 minutes

Intelligent fast battery charging technology to 100% in up to 2.5 hours

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