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Anker Announces New GaNPrime High Voltage Chargers


Anker, the fast charging solutions brand, has just announced its new GaNPrime charging technology and the first products that incorporate it. This new standard, based on the advances of the firm with gallium nitride (GaN) and other proprietary functions, is prepared to offer greater performance together with lower energy consumption, to charge more than 1,000 compatible devices quickly, intelligently and safe.

“By partnering with the world leaders in the gallium nitride industry, we have access to today’s most advanced GaN components that make GaNPrime possible,” he said. Steve Yang, CEO of Anker Innovations. “Together, GaNPrime enables faster and safer charging while reducing energy waste.”

new standard

Gallium nitride (GaN) is a material used in modern satellite and radar systems. In 2018 Anker used it to develop smaller, lighter and more efficient chargers. GaNPrime takes advantage of the third generation of GaN technology adding advantages such as environmentally friendlyand. Anker engineers have improved AC (Alternating Current) power transmission to DC (Direct Current), so users reduce energy consumption when charging their devices, with a positive effect for both the environment and for your wallet. According to studies available from the firm itself: “If each resident of the United States used a GaNPrime charger for a year, the energy savings achieved would be enough to cover the needs of Hawaii for an entire month.” Another notable advantage is that, thanks to the new generation of PowerIQ 4.0, compatible with more than 1,000 devices, chargers automatically detect power needs of each connected device and adjust the power output in real time to simultaneously charge them at maximum speed. This saves up to 1 hour in charging time. Also note that ActiveShield 2.0 improves safety by intelligently monitoring the temperature up to 3 million times a day, preventing overheating to protect the electrical installation and connected devices.

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It should not be forgotten that GaNPrime chargers are especially compact thanks to its stacked design and Anker’s GaN mini-transformer technology, reducing its size by up to 53%.

available models

To mark the launch of GaNPrime, two new smart, safe, compact and environmentally friendly fast chargers will be available in Europe this summer. The first is the Anker 737 Charger, with 120W of power and three ports (two USB-C and one USB-A). Thanks to its small size it is suitable for all devices anywhere and will be available for €94.99 in black, white and rose gold.

On the other hand, the Anker 735 Charger take advantage of the same format and charging ports with a reduced price and 65W of power. Suitable for getaways, trips or for daily charging of a mobile phone, a laptop and a smart watch, for instance. Its price will be €59.99, in the same selection of colors.

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More news

Note that Anker today launches new USB-C cables with support for PowerDelivery and fast charging from up to 140W: The Anker 765 USB-C cable. Tested in the laboratory with more than 35,000 folds without deterioration and sufficient resistance to support up to 80kg of weight, its durability is 35 times greater than a conventional cable. They will be available in 1 meter and 2 meter formats, for €29.99 and €32.99 respectively.

Lastly, the Anker 737 PowerCore 24K is the new 24,000mAh capacity powerbank with ultra-fast charging on 2 USB-C ports and one USB-A with up to 140W of power. Using PowerIQ technology, which intelligently adapts power output, it is capable of recharging all kinds of devices. Its temperature, thanks to its intelligent control system, is always 10% below international recommendations. The Anker 737 PowerCore 24K will be available at a price of €149.99.

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