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Assad’s troops massacred 700 people in three days in Daraya, new report says


In just three days, 700 people were murdered in Daraya. A decade ago, the Syrian city near Damascus It was the scene of a serious slaughter. Now, a new report recounts the events that occurred there between August 24 and 26, 2012 and points to a clear culprit. They were the troops allied to the government of Bashar al-Assad who carried out this “surprising display of violence” that culminated in a “systematic attack against the civilian population of Daraya.” The team of Syrian researchers, supported by the British Syrian Consortium, see these results as a first step towards justice.

“It is ten years since Syrian and allied forces launched a planned and coordinated attack, which included 72 hours of summary executions door to door, against civilians from Daraya,” the Consortium denounced on its Twitter profile. Beyond the hundreds of murdered people who were buried in common pits improvised, many others were arrested or, to this day, are still missing. The government of Syria used all its force to attack this city that concentrated large demonstrations in opposition to the regime.

Asad made use of “the Fourth Division, the Republican Guard, the Air Force Intelligence, the ‘shabiha’ [milicias patrocinadas por el Estado]” and received the “support of Hezbollah and the Iranian militias” to carry out one of the worst massacres of the conflict in its first days. Therefore, in the report, they are accused of committing Crimes against humanity Y war crimes “on a massive scale” against the population of Daraya. The almost 50 pages of results show that the set of murdersimprisonments, forced disappearances, tortures and looting constituted a “highly coordinated and systematic attack.”

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bombings on civilians

The Syrian President’s forces also bombed bentire buildings, hospitals and schools “with rockets, missiles and mortars, as well as air strikes with helicopters and warplanes,” the report says. Despite being one of the most serious massacres at the beginning of the Syrian conflict, the international community It has hardly paid attention to the events committed in Daraya. The researchers hope that these conclusions, published this Thursday, will be used by organisms of the United Nations and other legal institutions to prosecute some of those responsible.

“Witnesses interviewed in this investigation expressed feeling disappointed by the international response to the massacre and the Syrian conflict in general, and stated that they gave their testimony out of a sense of duty, as well as a dim hope that it could contribute to the achievement of peace. Justice”, they denounce in the conclusions of the report. “Despite the passage of 10 years and the collection of substantial evidence, accountability and justice continue to elude the people of Daraya,” they conclude.

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sense of justice

At the same time, it defends that the witnesses share the “belief that their story, their truth, is not only worthy of being documented, but that one day it can help bring justice and responsibility.” Under this premise, the report has brought together the voices of survivors from around the planet who have decided to rummage through their painful memories with the main objective of fighting against the impunity of the Assad regime.

After more than a decade of conflict in Syria, the first convictions are beginning to arrive. at the beginning of the year, Germany sentenced a former agent of the Syrian president to life in prison for crimes against humanity, in the first verdict against a senior Syrian regime official. Daraya’s survivors hope that it will soon be their turn.

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