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Barcelona beats Kielce in the repeat of last season’s Champions League final (32.28)


The Barca has been imposed on Kielce Talant Djushebaev’s Pole 32-28 in the first big duel of Champions League of this season, the repeated final of the last edition, after a clash in which the azulgrana kept the initiative on the scoreboard for almost the entire game and are already leaders of Group B.

Although the azulgrana advantage reached six goals (19-13, m.32), Kielce, through Arcadiusz Moryto (6 goals) and Alex Djushebaev (4) knew how to react at all times although without being able to turn around in marker.

At Barça, a great Emil Nielsen in the first half and Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas in the last 15 minutes of the second, together with the contribution of Fábregas (6 goals) and Dika Mem (5) were the keys to a valuable victory.

It was clear that both teams, still undefeated so far this season also in their national leagues, were not going to give up. At Barça, central defender Luka Cindric entered the squad, recovered from his right leg discomfort, and at Kielce, Polish defensive specialist Tomasz Gebala and Swedish central defender Elliot Stenmalm were absent due to injury.

Good defense

After a start in which Barça was handcuffed by exclusions (three in 9 minutes) and this allowed Kielce to go up (6-7, m.11). In addition, his open defense in ‘five-one’ with Benoit Kounkoud slowed down Barça’s external actions.

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The match began to favor the Catalan side when Fábregas launched his team into a 3-0 run (13-10, m.18), breaking the Polish defense down the center where the Spanish Miguel Sánchez-Migallón was.

Michal Olejniczak, who would only be on the track for four minutes when injured. he relieved the Croatian Igor Karacic in the direction of Kielce and Talant Djushebaev reacted to his defense (14-12, m.20) and changed the German goalkeeper Andreas Wolff for the young Pole Mateusz Kornecki.

With 16-13 (m.25) the recital of the azulgrana goalkeeper Emil Nielsen began (12 stops in this first half) with two maximum penalty stops and three consecutive shots in the last four minutes for the 18-13 break. Another positive aspect of the first half was the debut in official competition for central defender Luka Cindric (m.22).

Kielce came out with more poise and ensuring passes and shots to achieve a 1-4 run (19-17, m.39) to get back into the game and disconcert the Barcelona defense.

The Polish defense was also more solid in the center and this meant that Barça only scored two goals in fourteen minutes and conceded seven. With 21-20 (m.44), Carlos Ortega asked for time to calm down his team and gave entry to Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas, who would be key to the final, for Nielsen.

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The exclusions now took their toll on Kielce and the gap opened up again (24-20, m.46) and Melvin Richardson for Barça and Alex Djushebev for Kielce were very effective and the swords remained high (26-24 , m.51).

The azulgrana accelerated in attack (30-26, m.57) although Kielce did not give up and through their best man today, the left-handed winger Arcadiusz Moryto, tried to react again (30-28, m.59), but Cindric and Hampus Wanne closed the scoring (32-28).

Data sheet:

32 – Barca (18+14): Nielsen (Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas, m.44 to 60); Aleix Gómez (5.4p), Mem (5), Fábregas (6), Thiagus Petrus (-), N’ Guessan (4), Janc (1), -starting seven- Cindric (3), Wanne (3), Carlsbogard (-), Melvyn Richardson (3), Ariño (-), Lángaro (1) and Frade (1).

28 – Lomza Kielce (13+15): Wolff (Kornecki, m. 20 to 30); Kounkoud (2), Alex Djushebaev (4), Karalek (2), Karacic (3.2p), Sicko (4), Nahí (1), -starting seven-, Remilí (2), Moryto (6.2p), Tournat (-), Thrastarson (-), Daniel Dujshebaev (3), Sánchez-Migallón (1) and Olejniczak (-).

referees: Mirza Kurtagic (SWE) and Mattias Wetterwik (SWE).Exclusions: A Mem (m.4), Janc (M.6), N’Guesssan (m.9), Petrus (m.16) and Roja Directa a Frade (m.51) for Barça and Kounkoud (m.2), Remilí (m.18), Karacic (m.40 and 52), Karalek (m.45) for Kielce.

partial: 3-3, 5-6, 9-9, 14-12, 16-13, 18-13 (rest), 19-14, 20-17, 22-20, 26-23, 29-25 and 32- 28(end).

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