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Bronze for the Spanish team in the five-ring final of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup


The Spanish rhythmic gymnastics group, which already won the overall bronze medal at the world championships in Sofia on Friday, metal repeated this Sunday in the final of five rings and then closed his performance with a fifth place in the mixed exercise with three ribbons and two balls. The balance of two medals, accompanied by the Olympic place for the Paris 2024 Games, returns to the international limelight to the ensemble prepared by Alejandra Quereda, who had been looking for his site for months after staying out of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Italy and Bulgaria shared the titles by devices. The ‘farfalle’, which were not up to expectations on the first day, shone with the five rings with an exercise of high technical difficulty and obtained from the judges a score of 34,950, which neither Israel, 34,050 or , nor Spain, 33,800. Ana Arnau, Inés Bergua, Mireia Martínez, Patricia Pérez and Salma Solaún acted for Spain.

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His hope of rounding out the full number of medals with another metal in the mixed exercise vanished with the drop of a tape. The Spanish -with the entries of Valeria Márquez by Patricia Pérez- went to the fifth position, with 28,450. Bulgaria won with 33,300 and a comfortable distance over Italy, 31,450 with a dazzling exercise that pays homage to other sports, but which still need to be polished, and over Azerbaijan, third with 30,750.

The Mexican team, which achieved the merit of getting into the two finals, finished sixth in the hoops and eighth in the mixed, rubbing shoulders with the best in the world, although in the absence of the sanctioned Russia and Belarus, which are first-class powers row.

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