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Catalonia will pressure the Government to request more monkeypox vaccines from Europe


One day after the WHO declared an international health emergency due to the monkeypox outbreak, the Minister of Hello, Joseph Maria Argimonhas announced this Sunday that it will press the Government to ask the European Union for more vaccines against contagious disease. Catalonia, which is one of the autonomous communities with the most cases of the virus, has 1,643 vaccines of the 5,300 that have already arrived in Spain. “It is possible that it is a disease that remains,” said the expert in an interview with Europa Press.

Argimon acknowledges that Europe “doesn’t have it easy either” to get more doses, but he explained that Catalonia has already transferred the request to have more vaccines to the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System and to the Public Health Commission.

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Vaccination from Thursday

The ‘conseller’ has remarked that monkeypox, at the moment, is a “self-limited pathology that ends in between two and four weeks”. In addition to asking to avoid close contacts if you are infected, Catalonia began vaccination prior to exposure to the virus on Thursday. priority groups: men who have sex with men and who are in treatment programs with Pre Exposure Proxylaxis (PrEP), one of the criteria for vaccination, or in prevention programs for people with HIV.

The Department of Health will also vaccinate people who have been exposed to the virus and may have complications such as minors, pregnant womens and people in treatment with immunosuppressantsas well as health professionals who has dealt with a case without adequate protection.

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covid situation

On the epidemiological situation of the coronavirus pandemic, the ‘conseller’ has celebrated that both the indicators and the assistance pressure are in decline and the downward trend is consolidating. He believes that in autumn and early winter there will be an “upturn” that they foresee similar to that of the seventh wave of the pandemic, although it has clarified that with the arrival of variants, forecasts may change.

We are surely where we wanted to be a year and a half ago”, Argimon claimed about the level of immunity of citizens acquired through vaccines and through infection.

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