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Cinecitta fire | A fire burns several sets at the Cinecittà studios in Rome


Firefighting teams from Italy have managed to put out this Monday a fire that had broken out in the historic Cinecittà film studios of Rome and what has caused the destruction of some sets.

“The Fire Department has put out the fire at the Cinecittà studios. The flames destroyed the decoration of the old set of Assisi and Florence. The work of the cleanup crews continues,” firefighters wrote on Twitter.

There have been no injuries or intoxications and for the moment The causes of the fire are unknown.

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The fire broke out around 3:50 p.m. on Monday and generated a thick column of black smoke, which could be seen from various points in the capital.

Three fire crews headed to the area to extinguish the flames and protect unaffected structures, while local police closed off traffic on adjacent streets.

The space that was used for record a documentary about Florence in the 15th century and part of the structure that houses the Big Brother house, as well as part of the set for the series The Young Pope by Paolo Sorrentinoaccording to Italian media.

The Italian Police will open an investigation to try to clarify what happened.

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