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Death of Elizabeth II | How will the coronation of Prince Charles of Wales as King of England?


After a lifetime in the shadow of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, is crowned British King at the age of 73, after his predecessor died at the age of 96 and after just over 70 reign.

it will be this saturday when the eldest son of Elizabeth II and his successor on the British throne, is proclaimed king at the Ascension Council, Buckingham Palace confirmed this Friday.

As revealed today in a statement issued by the British royal house, “His Majesty, the King, will be proclaimed at the Ascension Council at 09:00 GMT tomorrow morning in the (called) State Apartments of the palace of Saint James, in London “.

The note indicates that the Ascension Council, which will be attended by members of the Privy Council, will be divided into two parts, and in the secondThe new monarch will make a declaration and his oath.

At the age of 13, he attended his mother’s coronation.

Born in London in November 1948 under the secular name of Carlos Felipe Arturo Jorge, He attended his mother’s coronation when he was just three years oldimmediately becoming Duke of Cornwall, a title that the British crown grants to the heirs to the throne.

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In 1955, when he was seven years old, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, agreed that Carlos attend school in person, thus breaking with the tradition that the heirs to the throne were assigned a personal tutor.

Trained in England and Scotland, The Prince of Wales was also on an exchange in 1966 at Timbertop, an educational center in Melbourne, Australia. Later in 1967 he entered Cambridge University to study archeology and anthropology, switching to history two years later.

With training as a British aviation pilot, the Royal Air Force (RAF), Carlos finally chose to start a naval career at the Royal Navy College, following in the footsteps of his father, his grandfather and two of his great-grandfathers.

The succession of the crown

After the nine days of official mourning decreed by protocol ‘London Bridge is down‘, the action guide that the media, politicians and states will follow before the death of the queen, The first measure to be taken will be the coronation of the monarch’s son as King of the United Kingdom and leader of the countries of the Commonwealth of Nations.

If the same ceremony that elevated his mother were to be repeated, the act would take place in the Westminster Abbey, like 70 years ago. The coronation would be simple and with a lower cost than those that have happened to him. Next, the transfer of the newly crowned prince Buckingham Palace residence as king. Instead, Prince William would move to Windsor, when the time came.

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On the other hand, Elizabeth II announced in April of this year that the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, would be the person succeeded her as queen consort, so she would leave her title as princess. An appointment that would occur at the same time as that of Prince Charles of Wales.

The last act of coronation of Carlos

The last time Prince Charles of Wales had a coronation ceremony was when he was invested by Queen Elizabeth II. as Prince of Wales. The ceremony was held on July 1, 1969. During the act, more than 500 million people tuned in to their televisions to see the moment in which Carlos, only 19 years old, assumed the position that his mother was giving him in the Caernarfon Castle (Wales), making him the heir to the British throne.

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