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England beat Germany to celebrate their first European Championship at Wembley


England did not fail in the second opportunity that Wembley offered him. They beat Germany 2-1 to win the country’s first European Championshipsigning a new attendance record of 87,192 spectators, surpassing the 79,115 of the Santiago Bernabéu in 1964.

The noise of such an emblematic stage repressed the soccer players of both countries in the first half, who failed to capture the soccer that had brought them to the final. The approach of both techniques for the first time it was designed too carefully. Wiegman and Voss-Tecklenburg, knowing the potential of their rivals, were more concerned with stopping the midfield than creating their own game, which led to a first half with a slower pace than in the rest of the matches, in the one that neither was willing to risk too much and that the price to pay was too high.

In the first minutes, an England was seen with more decision against a Germany off after Popp’s injury, its star, in the warm-up. Ellen White and Beth Mead tried it early in the match. But the first clear opportunity from Däbritz, who stopped Bronze, made the hosts take a step back and the Voss-Tecklenburg team regained their lost confidence. Midway through the first half, Hegering had the team’s clearest chance. A shot between five team players that generated a lot of controversy due to a possible hand from England. For them, however, the clearest opportunity did not come until almost the break. After a pass from Mead, a too forceful shot from White that went up.

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Germany came out ready to lift their ninth title in the second half. Magull and Schuller tried it in the first minutes. But England, without making too much noise, went ahead. An assist from Walsh to Ella Toone from almost the opposite area that defined United’s with Vaseline that made the 87,000 fans at Wembley vibrate. But England’s goal did not make Germany take a step back. Rather the complete opposite. Magull was able to score with a shot that hit the crossbar, Schuller finished off but Earps ended up stopping. But the tie would not be long in coming. Magull had warned on several occasions. And almost in a carbon copy of England’s goal, Wasmuth assisted the Bayern striker, who defined perfectly to match the English and force extra time.

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Wembley squeezed. And England did not disappoint. After a finisher from Bronze, Kelly missed on the first try, but outplayed Frohms on the second. The City player put the second on the scoreboard and gave England its first European Championship. With this victory against the eight-time European champions, which marks the first title in their history, England begins a new era in women’s football.

England 2- Germany 1

ENGLAND Earl’s; Bronze, Bright, Williamson, Daly (Alex Greenwood, d.88) ; Walsh, Stanway (Jill Scott, m.88), Kirby (by Ella Toone, m.56); Mead (Kelly, d. 63) White (by Alessia Russo, d.56), Hemp.

GERMANY: Frohms; Gwinn, Hendrich, Hegering, Rauch; Oberdorf, Däbritz (Sydney Lohmann, m.73), Magull (Linda Dallmann, m.90); Huth, Schuller (by Nicole Anyomi, m.67), Brand (by Tabea Wasmuth, m.46).

GOALS: 1-0, Ella Toone (m.62); 1-1, Lina Magull (m.79); 2-1 Chloe Kelly (m.110)

REFEREE: Kateryna Monzul (UKR) booked Stanway (m.23), White (m.24), Russo (m.100) and Kelly (m.111) by England and Rauch (m.41), Oberdorf (m. .57), Schuller (m.58) by Germany.

INCIDENTS: Match corresponding to the Euro 2022 final played at Wembley Stadium (London) before 87,192 spectators. It is the final with the most public in the history of the European Championships.

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