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Espanyol finalizes the sale of Wu Lei to his former team, Shanghai Port


The output operation is still running in the RCD Espanyol. The template making you are exercising Sunday Catoira It goes first through the departure of certain players, who have already been notified and who will have to look for a team since they do not have them for this season. The first on the list, and the one who has already found a team, is wu leiwhich apparently has an agreement with the shanghai port, his old team. The officiality of the transfer should not take long since the Asian winger has announced through Chinese media that his transfer “is almost done”. On the other hand, he has been very affectionate with Espanyol and appreciates the support of the club and fans for their support over these three years.

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The list of departures

In the list of departures there are also important names such as Raul de Tomas either VilhenaY Alex Vidal, dimata, Vargas Y Embarba, which were already discarded from the first moment. Catoria is looking to clean up the ideal team for Diego Martínez but will only sell his players if it is at a good price. The problem is the high price asked by the sports director, and if it is not sold, the player will then have to stay at the club knowing that he was discarded for the season.

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