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France ends the health passport, confinement and curfew


The French Parliament approved on Tuesday the bill that puts an end to the health passport and other exceptional measures against COVID-19, such as confinement or curfew, from August 1.

However, the text approved by 209 votes in favor, 30 against and 104 abstentions, contemplates, until March 31, 2023, that the Government may require citizens over 12 years of age to have a negative PCR test at the borders in the event of the appearance of a dangerous variant, as reported by the newspaper ‘Le Monde’.

Also, for the overseas territories the same possibility is envisaged, although this time in case of hospital saturation. The text also extends two mechanisms: the first, on the follow-up of positives, until January 31, and the second, the system that centralizes the results of the tests, until June 30.

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Two weeks ago, the French government spokesman, Olivier Véran, accused the opposition ofand “wanting to defeat the Executive” after a first vote in the National Assembly in which a central part of this bill was rejected.

Former French Prime Minister Jean Castex previously announced that As of March 14 of this year, the use of masks in closed spaces would no longer be mandatory and the vaccination certificate would end. The mask has ceased to be mandatory on public transport in France since May 16.

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