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Genesis and its featherweight mice for gamers


A good performance in the game requires a suitable mouse, this is understood by passionate gamers who see them as a kind of extension of the player himself. The supply of these peripherals is important, although not all of them meet the necessary requirements, which are mainly: weight, click speed and grip. In this situation the company Genesis has developed a product catalog made up of very outstanding possibilities in the range of ultralight mice.

The Xenon 800 It is characterized by being precise, fast and comfortable during use, at least that is what the tests carried out on this device demonstrate. It has a resolution of up to 16,000 DPI, an acceleration of 50G and a speed that can reach 400 IPS. It gives the possibility of reducing weight, thanks to its holes with interchangeable panels. Its software makes it easy to configure 7 different profiles and customize it with RGB backlighting in 9 modes. It has 6 programmable buttons and a durability of up to 20 million clicks. Its total weight is 58 grams and can be purchased for about 49 euros.

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The Krypton 750 is another of the brand’s proposals. It stands out for a DPI change button that allows you to instantly change the sensitivity between 6 levels. Another of its strong points is its lightness and its weight regulation system (from 58 grams to 76 grams). It has an RGB backlight technology with the characteristic Prism effect that will allow the user to adjust the color of the environment to suit the user. It contains 6 programmable buttons and allows up to 50 million clicks.

It has a price of about 45 euros.

With the Kryptonian 550 you can spend many hours playing given its good ergonomic development and lightness (total weight is 70 grams). Allows a stable grip and additional control. It integrates RGB backlight technology, which allows you to choose between 16 million colors depending on the desired environment. It has one of the best switches on the market and a lifespan of 20 million clicks. The software with 7 programmable buttons, and integrated memory, is also another highlight of this mouse.

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It has a price of about 33 euros.

The Kryptonian 555 It is characterized by being light and comfortable. It has 7 adjustable buttons and has advanced software to customize the lighting. Enjoy one of the longest durability on the market, with up to 60 million clicks and powerful onboard memory. Its total weight is 70 grams. The price is around 40 euros

The Kryptonian 200 With its 77 grams of weight it allows long gaming sessions. It has Prismo effect RGB backlighting and advanced software, to assign functions through 6 programmable buttons.

The price is around 16 euros.

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