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Google News Showcase arrives, the new service that encompasses more than 140 Spanish titles from 60 publishing groups


The newsrooms of 60 Spanish publishing groups that include more than 140 headers will begin this Thursday to offer a selection of their content through Google News Showcase, a new service that will allow current information to be disseminated through the Google News and Google Discover services.

With this initiative, the technological giant establishes an online news program under license that allows the media integrated in Showcase to select and present the contents that they consider to be of greatest interest in a panel with their header and brand image.

It is journalists from the participating media who generate and select the contents of their screens, which refer readers to the full articles on their respective web pages.

The public can access the panels through the Google News news aggregation website -on Android, iOS and web devices- and through Google Discover -on Android and iOS.

Each of the media integrated in Showcase has signed a individual license agreement with Google, through which the multinational financially compensates information companies for access to a limited number of the contents they generate.

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Company sources based in mountain view (California) highlight the ability of news publishers to select “quality” and “more relevant to users” content presented in a panel with its own header.

Regarding the economic terms of the agreements with the information companies, the company states that the agreements will be “the fairest and most equitable with each publisher” based on your contribution.

And he emphasizes that the criteria shared with the headers that will govern the contents will be to increase the quality of current information on the internet with relevant and current stories to reach “more citizens” and “better informed”.

The same sources warn that the affiliated media must respect Google’s policy on disinformation and add that “no remuneration” will depend on the visibility or not of each of the news, which means that low-quality content with a hook (known as “clickbait”) produced to get more views “They will not have an impact on economic conditions.”

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According to data from the multinational, since the global launch of Google News Showcase in October 2020, more than 1,700 media outlets from twenty countries have joined the project, including Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, Colombia, Germany, Brazil, New Zealand, Canada, Portugal, Italy and Argentina.

Google News recovered activity in Spain last July, after a parenthesis of almost eight years of inactivity and coinciding with the twentieth anniversary of the project, after the European copyright directive was transposed into Spanish law at the end of 2021 by means of a royal decree.

This reactivation implies that all the publishers that comply with the informative content policies can appear in Google News and in other aggregators.

Each publisher can negotiate with Google its conditions with the reactivation of the news aggregatorsomething that entities such as the Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain have criticized, which claims that the negotiation with the technological giant be done through collective entities and not privately.

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