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Guardiola and Simeone reactions


He shook his classic bottle of water with the success rage to celebrate the goal of the fantastic Kevin de Bruyne. Pep Guardiola was released with the Belgian’s goal, which unbalanced the intense duel in Manchester, while Diego Pablo Simeon regretted the opening of bolt which he painstakingly re-perpetrated. Next week the conflict between two coaches who exhibited their seal again will be definitively resolved.

Dressed in the same look, full black and blunt coat, the two highest paid technicians in the world (3.6 million euros per month for the Argentine and 1.94 for the Catalan) lived with their usual intensity a clash with more emotion than football. Pep emerged victorious, hoping to avenge his elimination in 2016, when he led the bayern.

no spaces

City knew how to be calm to achieve its goal, something that it celebrated Guardiola: “It was a very disputed and difficult match, they are masters defending all together. It was a matter of patience, pity that we could not mark any more. We’ll go to Madrid to win the game.”

“City is the best team in the world. It was a tactical match, each one doing what they can with what they have”

‘Cholo’ Simeone / Atlético manager

Pep lamented the lack of spaces. “At the break I told the players to be calm. Attacking two lines of five is very difficult now and in the prehistorybut we managed to win,” added the City coach.

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“They are the best team in the world. They had done 60 goals in the last 20 home games. It was a very good match tacticaleach doing what they can with what they have. We will play the second leg with enthusiasm and humility”, settled Simeone.

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