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How to delete an Instagram account


The data that are left on the internet are indelible. It is what is known as fingerprintinformation that we must protect and manage properly, since cybercriminals are on the lookout and take advantage of any carelessness to seize part of that footprint and, with it, manage to supplant our identity.

Normally, the identity theft crime It is done to be able to steal bank details and operate with them in a fraudulent way or to hijack someone’s identity and collect the ransom to return it.

And social networks are no strangers to these phishing accounts. Almost a couple of years ago there was a warning about the massive theft of Instagram accounts, of ‘influencers’ above all, with which to obtain succulent ransoms.

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To hijack those accounts on Instagram, scammers send phishing emails with copyright infringement notifications, with texts like “Your account will be permanently deleted for copyright infringement.”

Either for that reason -because your identity has been supplanted- or simply because you no longer want to continue with it and you are afraid of leaving it at the mercy of unscrupulous people who could usurp it, you can want to delete your instagram account.

As usual in social networks, it is very easy to register and it is not so easy to delete. And keep in mind that the Instagram application itself does not allow you to delete the account from within, that is, from the ‘app’.

Despite this, it is relatively simple proceed to delete that account:

  1. Be sure of the decision, because it is an irreversible process.

  2. Before starting the deletion, make a backup of your profile, so as not to lose your data or everything you have uploaded, such as your photos.

  3. Put in your computer or mobile browser this URL https://www.instagram.com/accounts/remove/request/permanent or select this link, which will take you to it. Enter your data (username and password) and select the option ‘Permanently delete my account’.

  4. Follow the steps indicated by the system and everything you have uploaded will be permanently deleted, as well as your messages and even your username.

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