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Instagram stops its changes to look like TikTok in the face of avalanche of criticism


Instagram backtracking and pausing some of the changes it had announced to be more like TikTok. After a week of intense criticism from its users, the directive of the platform has decided to temporarily put the decision to turn the ‘feed’ of the application into a full screen of videos and photos.

“For the new feed layouts, people are frustrated and the usage data is not very good,” said Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri, in an interview with journalist Casey Newton. “So there I think we need to take a big step back, regroup and figure out how we want to move forward.”

That decision comes after intense criticism from platform users. Although resistance to change is common, the company has detected the growing frustration and has chosen to temporarily paralyze part of its redesign before accentuating its identity crisis. celebrities like Kylie Jenner either kim kardashian amplified a protest initiative initiated by the photographer Tati Bruening that already accumulates more than 230,000 signatures.

Two days after defending the changes, Mosseri has backtracked. Thus, the platform owned by Goal —controlling parent company Facebook Y WhatsApp— has announced that it will also reduce the number of videos recommended by the algorithm of users you do not follow, an option that has been enabled to help creators amplify the impact of their content. The goal: seduce and attract creators who have migrated to TikTok in recent years.

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It is not permanent

Last Wednesday, mark zuckerberg, head of this social media empire, explained that algorithmic content currently accounts for 15% of what you see on Facebook and an even higher percentage on Instagram. The company’s goal is to double those numbers next year.

However, Instagram’s policy has not specified to what extent third-party content that appears recommended on the app’s screen will be reduced. “We have to take a step back in terms of the percentage of recommended content, improve the recommendation systems, and once we do that, we can grow again,” added Mosseri.

Fight TikTok

With that, the head of Instagram makes it clear that the removal of Instagram is temporary, nothing permanent. The mission to copy TikTok to try to curb its growth continues. And it is that in just five years of life the social phenomenon of Chinese origin is already the most downloaded application in the world, the sixth most used with 1,000 million users and the most viewed video company.

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The Meta empire continues to control with an iron hand the market for social networks. Thus, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp occupy the first, third and fourth position in the ranking. However, the meteoric rise of TikTok, especially marked among the youngest, is seen as a threat by Zuckerberg, who fears an aging of his business.

Just this Wednesday, Meta announced the first quarterly decline in revenue since the company went public in 2012, a decade ago. In addition to the multiple scandals for disinformation, violation of privacy and impact on the health of adolescents, the king of social networks has been affected by a change in Apple’s privacy policies that last year caused losses of 10,000 million dollars in advertising, its main business. Added to all this is the current economic uncertainty and the winds of recession.

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