Home Sports LaLiga SmartBank arrives at Amazon in the 2022-23 season

LaLiga SmartBank arrives at Amazon in the 2022-23 season


The television offer The league smart bank will be extended this season, in which the matches can be followed from the start, on August 12, in Movistar, Orange and Telecable and from next month other platforms, as reported by LaLiga.

Specifically, fans will be able to follow the matches of the second category of Spanish football in 10 different platformsthe largest offer of operators proposed to date.

The matches can be seen together with those of LaLiga Santander on Movistar and Orange, but they will also be available in the Telecable sports package from the first day of August 12.

From September they will be incorporated into the broadcasts gradually Amazon Prime VideoEuskaltel, R, Virgin Telco, MásMóvil, Yoigo and Guuk. LaLiga does not rule out the entry of new IPTV operators and telcos that expand the offer for the fan.

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Non-exclusive regime

The new non-exclusive marketing format for SmartBank television rights has allowed LaLiga to achieve the goal of “achieving a broader distribution to reach more fans, improving the scope and exposure of the competition”. This proposal has also made it possible to increase the value of rights in this category.

through the channel LaLiga SmartBank TV You can follow the 11 matches of each day of LaLiga SmartBank live; the six matches of the promotion phase to LaLiga Santander live; accessory summaries and weekly highlights programme.

In the co-official languages

In addition, the two best matches of each day can be followed on basic payment platforms such as the channel Vamos de Movistar and other similar platforms. Likewise, the LaLiga SmartBank TV Channel will offer the user the option of accessing the narration and comments of the broadcast in all the co-official languages ​​in those territories that have them.

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The competition also reinforces its team of narrators and commentators. Those in charge of broadcasting the LaLiga SmartBank matches will be Xavi Rodríguez, Dani Fernández, Jordi Pons, Lluís Izquierdo, Alba Oliveros, Héctor Ruiz, Sergio Ferra and Axel Martínez. The cast is completed by commentators such as former soccer players Javi Márquez, Alberto García, Pedro Nieto, Lluís Carreras, Esteban Suárez and Jofre Mateu.

Thus, fans will be able to choose between the Movistar and Orange offers offered by LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank in full and they will also have the possibility to choose between the offer of operators that will have access to the Silver Division of Spanish football.

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