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Russia drowns citizen protests against the mobilization of reservists


The Russians had not taken to the streets since the beginning of March, when the authorities already took it upon themselves to quickly silence the protests against the offensive in Ukraine. Since then, the laws have been toughened. New norms have taken shape, such as the so-called “law of fakes”, that punishes the lies spread about the Russian Armed Forces, issues such as calling “war” “special military operation” or give a number of military casualties different from the official one, which has only been updated twice since March, that same March and last Wednesday. Breaking this law can mean up to 15 years in prison and economic fines. A bill has even been considered to send anyone protesting against the offensive to the front. It was an initiative of the LDPR, the ultra-nationalist Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia.

Not only has the legislation been tightened. Russian city centers have also been fortified with numerous police officers and independent media have been persecuted for giving a different official point of view. There are no longer any of them working from Russia. Throughout this year they have closed echo of moscow (radio), Dozhd (TV channel), as well as the daily Novaya Gazeta, led by Nobel laureate Dmitri Muratov. They all continue to work from abroad.

Despite the bolt, Russians took to the streets again on Wednesday in more than twenty cities, this time to demonstrate against the mobilization of reservists announced by the president Vladimir Putin. slogans like “no to mobilization”, “not to the war” either “Send Putin to the trenches” they resounded on the asphalt until the police dismantled all the protests, beating them when necessary. The first took shape in the Siberian cities of Krasnoyarsk Y Ulan-Udeand as the clock marked 7:00 p.m. in all time zones of a country that has no less than 11, new cities joined the riot against the mobilization. wowIzhevsk, YekaterinburgNovosibirsk, ChelyabinskAnkhangelsk or Kaliningrad They were just some of the provincial capitals where citizens came out to protest. Demonstrations also took place in a dozen other smaller towns.

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The most numerous, where most of the 1,300 arrested by the police were detained, occurred in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, the two main cities in the country. According to independent media such as Mediazona – declared a foreign agent by the Russian government, some of the detainees received a court summons while being held by the security forces.

Flight from Russia

Other Russians chose flee directly from the country. For this reason the borders with Georgia, Kazakhstan Y Mongolia were totally collapsed yesterday before the mass exodus of frightened civilians. In some cases, people even chose to walk out of the country, as happened at the Uralsk-Samara and Mashtakovo-Syrym border crossings that serve to enter Kazakhstan. Meanwhile, the flight prices they keep getting more expensive. Tickets are scarce or are paid at prohibitive prices. The flights to dubai -the only ones in which there were places left at the time of writing these lines- cost about 8,000 euros to change, more than four times the average salary of the Russian Federation.

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This same Thursday the first mobilized to receive preliminary training before going to the Ukrainian front left. The images of farewells between cheers and tears have been seen in different parts of Yakutsk and Yakutia, two regions of Siberia, in Asian Russia.

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