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Russia prepares for greater military involvement of the country

  • The Russian lower house approves changes in the Russian Penal Code, including some referring to “martial law” and “mobilization”

The new Russian legislation provides for 15 years in prison for those soldiers That surrender voluntarily or loot. A context of mobilization Y martial law would be a aggravating for sentencing any deserter who violated these laws. The conscientious objectors in time of war they will receive sentences of up to 3 years. The Duma (lower house) voted unanimously in favor of this change in russian legislation. In addition to penalties, designed to frighten any potential deserter or objector, it also introduces the concepts of “mobilization, martial law and time of war” into the Penal Code.

Recruitment of foreigners

In addition to having more men at the front, Moscow opened on Tuesday a recruitment center for foreigners who want to be part of the Armed forces, as announced by the mayor of Moscow, Serguei Sobyanin. As he himself wrote on his Telegram channel, the local authorities “will do everything necessary to make the signing of the contracts as convenient as possible.” Hours before this announcement, the Duma voted in favor of a simplification process to grant the Russian nationality those foreigners who sign a contract of at least one year with the Russian Armed Forces.

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On the same day, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, met with businessmen from the arms sector, urging them to increase weapons production, guarantee the substitution of imports, and urgently supply the Army. He also pointed out to them that Ukraine’s arsenal is partly NATO’s and has asked them to capture it for study.

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