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Russian football ostracized


The Russian teams suffer the punishment of not going to Europe this year. None of them has been able to choose to be part of those chosen in the Champions League, Europa League or even the Conference League. The expulsion from UEFA is firm: all the Eurasian country combined are banned indefinitely for the occupation of Ukrainian territories by the Russian army.

To see one of his teams in European competitions, a Russian fan will have few ways: not even on your game console you will be able to do it. The popular FIFA football video game this year removed from its content all the teams in the country, including the national team.

Big fish in small pond

This season we will not see, for example, the CSKA Moscow (champion of the 2005 Europa League, then called the UEFA Cup) to repeat his feat. The Zenit Saint Petersburg, with the former azulgrana Malcolm in their ranks, he will be a big fish in a small pond. He dominates his League at pleasure but he will not be able to dream of surprising in Europe. One of the most harmed by the ban is the FKSochi, that was left without debuting in the Champions League, after being runner-up in the League.

All the stones on the road have weakened the Russian League, which two years ago it was sixth in the UEFA rankingjust below the Big Five – Spain, England, Italy, Germany and France – and is now tenth, below the leagues of Portugal, the Netherlands, Austria and Scotland.

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Payment problems

A Russian footballer Alexey, he explains that “right now Russian football is not very interesting”. He is a follower of Rostov-on-Don, his local team, and FC Barcelona. He adds that, in addition, “there is little sports quality and the corruption kills the interest. That is why he has his eye on teams that do play in Europe like barcajust as he affirms that he will follow the World Cup with special interest, although Russia will not be able to participate in the competition.

The Russian League has gone from sixth place in the UEFA ranking, only behind the big five, to 10th position

Russia was left out international transfer systems and that is a problem to make signings. How to pay a transfer to an English Premier team if you can’t get the money? How to receive the money from a transfer that goes to the Italian League? These may have been the two big questions for many of the Russian teams, especially those who work with sanctioned banks like CSKA, which operates with the VTB bank. Although there have been transfers in this direction, it has undoubtedly been a limitation for the Russian Premier League teams when it comes to buying and selling players.

No foreign sponsors

In this transfer period, all the teams have spent a total of €47.8 million -lower than the price of the most expensive signing in the history of the championship, the Brazilian Hulk, for 60 million euros-, when the previous one had spent a total of 72 million. Russian teams lost revenue from playing in continental competition and from foreign sponsors.

FIFA announced earlier this year that foreign players playing in Russia or Ukraine could suspend their contracts until this June. And how the hostilities they still last at the front, this situation was prolonged for another year. Last season, this measure caused the departure of 60 players. FK Krasnodar lost 8 players, including their captain, and Rubin Kazan 7. They were the most affected but not the only ones. CSKA Moscow and FK Sochi, among others, also suffered significant losses in their squads. And till eight coaches chose to leave Russia.

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the ukrainian players

A separate point is the case of the players Ukrainians, some of them had been playing in the Russian Premier League for years, of better quality than that of its neighbor, the Ukrainian Premier League. It is the case of the central defender Rakiytskiywho canceled his contract with the powerful Zenit St. Petersburg this year or the former player Tymoshchuk –he played for Bayern Munich, among others-, which is heavily criticized today for continuing to work for Zenit itself as an assistant while Russian troops entered Ukrainian territory.

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