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Russian withdrawal from northeastern Ukraine reveals hundreds of bodies buried in the forest

  • Ukrainian authorities discover 440 bodies, mostly civilians, outside Izium

  • Several attacks end the lives of prominent pro-Russian figures in the occupied regions

The Russian soldiers are gone, but behind are the traces of its military occupation in the northeast Ukrainea region recovered last week by troops from Kyiv. And how did it happen in Bucha or in Mariupol Everything indicates that the military of the kremlin they would have messed with the civil population committing numerous war crimes. In Iziuma small town southeast of the kharkiv provincelocal authorities have discovered hundreds of graves and at least one Common pit hidden in the surrounding woods. A total of 440 corpsesaccording to the initial count, some with the hands tied behind the backas is usually done in summary executions, or with obvious signs of tortureaccording to the chief prosecutor of the region.

“The whole world should see this,” the president wrote. Volodymyr Zelensky on his Telegram channel. “Russia just leave death and suffering. assassins. torturers. Without the slightest trace of humanity. You will not escape. You won’t be able to hide. The punishment will be justly terrible.” In the thicket of Izium, many workers worked tirelessly on Friday to exhume the corpses buried among the pines, entombed in unmarked graves crowned by a cross, many of them numbered. There are more than 400, as Associated Press journalists have independently confirmed, and although it is not yet clear how they died, investigators cited by the agency maintain that some died of bullet shotswhile others would have fallen victim to the artillerythe aerial bombingthe mines wave lack of access to medical treatment. Entire families have even appeared in some tombs, according to local authorities.

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“We are in the place of a mass burialcivilians who were buried here and that, according to the information we now have, all of them have signs of violent death”, the governor of the Kharkov province, assured journalists, Oleh Synehovov. Among the tombs, at least one mass grave has also been found with a sign stating that the bodies of 17 Ukrainian soldiers. All the bodies are being dug up to take DNA samples and identify the victims, before they can be properly buried by their relatives.

“Face of the Russian Occupation”

“As images of liberated Ukrainian territories like Izium emerge, do not look the other way,” the Estonian Prime Minister wrote on social media.Kaja Kallas. “This is the face of russian occupation: towns and cities turned into cemeteries”.

The atrocities discovered in Izium, occupied by Russian troops from last April 1 until just a few days ago, do not seem to undermine the Morale Of The Ukrainian Army, who has managed to regain the initiative with his counteroffensive of the last two weeks, now concentrated mainly in the south. It is early to know if it will be a turning point in the course of the war, but for now it has forced Russia to transfer its best units to the region. None of this has called for further military pressure from kyiv. So much with bombing on nerve centers of the Russian occupation as with special operations against prominent collaborators.

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Attacks against collaborators

In Berdyanskon the shores of the Black Sea, the pro-Russian authorities accused the Ukrainian army of having killed the deputy governor of occupied Zaporizhia and his wife, who presided over the electoral commission in charge of preparing one of the referendums that the Kremlin aspires to hold in the conquered regions to legitimize its occupation. Not far from there, in Khersonat least half a dozen Himmars shells hit the main administrative building of the city, taken by Russian troops days after the start of the war.

And much further north, in Luganskan explosion in his office killed Prosecutor General of the self-styled Lugansk People’s Republicthe pro-Russian Sergei Gorenko, as confirmed by the Moscow agency Itar-Tass. Shortly thereafter, Zelinsky’s adviser, Mikhailo Podolyakdenied that his country was behind this latest attack, which he described as a mafia settling of scores.

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