Home News Taiwan, shaken by a violent earthquake of magnitude 6.8

Taiwan, shaken by a violent earthquake of magnitude 6.8

  • Local authorities raise the alert for the collapse of bridges and buildings

  • One person has died and about 80 have had to be treated after the earthquakes

a teemagnitude 6.8 earthquake has shaken early this Sunday the island of taiwan, as confirmed by the authorities. After the violent tremor, the Taiwanese president, Tsai Ing Wen, has raised alert level to deal with aftershocks and minimize damage in the event of the possible collapse of bridges, buildings and urban infrastructure.

The National Taiwan Fire Agency indicated that at least one person died Due to the falling machinery in a factory of cement in the city of Yuli, which was close to the epicenter. The Ministry of Health explained that at least 79 have had to be treated in medical centers and hospitals as a result of the earthquake.

The Central Climate Office has indicated on its website that the earthquake epicenter has been situated 42.7 kilometers north of Taitung and has added that the hypocenter has been located about seven kilometers deep. The earthquake has been preceded by a series of tremors during the last hours, including one of 5.9 during the day on Saturday. Likewise, about ten aftershocks have been recorded, including one of magnitude 5.4 on the open Richter scale.

Tsai has demanded that the population be alert to the danger of seismic activity, after the damage to infrastructure and buildings in Hualien and Taitung, including the collapse of two bridges in Hualien, as reported by the Taiwanese news agency CNA.

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Evacuated tourists

The Hualien County Disaster Response Center has stated that it has rescued three people after the collapse of a bridge, while firefighters have rescued other four people from a collapsed buildingeither. Some 400 tourists are being evacuated from Chike Mountain after power lines fell due to several landslides.

Likewise, more than 7,000 households in Hualien have lost power due to the earthquake, while other cities, including Taipei, have suffered power cuts. On the other hand, the train has derailed in Hualien due to the earthquake, with no information on victims.

The Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) detailed that a train derailed at Dongli station, in Hualien, after he was hit by concrete from a canopy that dislodged during the earthquake. The passengers were evacuated and there were no injuries, according to the same source.

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