Home News The CEO of the company that invented the Pegasus espionage software resigns

The CEO of the company that invented the Pegasus espionage software resigns

  • Shalev Hulio, one of the co-founders, leaves the board amid legal litigation and restrictions around the globe due to his multiple cyber espionage scandals

Changes in the NSO groupthe maker of the Israeli spyware that invented pegasus. The visible face of the company, the co-founder Shalev Hulio, resigns from his position as executive director of NSO. After linking the company with several cyber espionage scandals, the company undertakes a restructuring process that will not be led by the S of NSO. But, even so, Hulio will not leave the company altogether, assuming tasks of supervision of the branch of mergers and acquisitions. Yes, a hundred staff members will, for now.

The reorganization “will examine all aspects of your businessincluding streamlining its operations to ensure that NSO remains one of the world’s leading high-tech cyber intelligence companies, with a focus on NATO member countries,” a statement announced Sunday. This restructuring will be handled by Yaron Shohat, the until now director of operations of the firm. Shohat will run the company on an interim basis and manage the reorganization process while look for a new CEO.

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Obstacles and complaints

This decision comes in the midst of various legal disputes around the globe seeking to put the NSO group in the dock. It was in july 2021 when a data breach revealed that at least 50,000 phone numbers around the world had been infected with the spyware Pegasus, created by NSO. From this scandal that splashed many countries, including Spain, the complaints began at a global level. last November USA placed heavy restrictions on the company, stating that its tools had been used to “carry out transnational repression”.

For its part, the NSO group has denied having committed any type of crime. Despite knowing that repressive regimes such as those in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates, among many others, use Pegasus to persecute your dissent. The company is also facing lawsuits from Manzana Y Facebook accusing her of trespassing on their products. From home, in turn, the pioneering company has been punished. In December, fears of misuse fueled by criticism of authorities’ lax oversight of the digital surveillance industry forced the israeli government to position

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Israel’s new decision to tighten oversight of cyber exports has reduced the number of countries that can buy extra Israeli cyber software. from 100 to 37. In addition, to all these restrictions is added that the company was already indebted before the espionage scandal broke. Also at the end of July, the European Comission denounced having found indications that the telephones of some of its senior officials had been compromised by the feared spyware.

That is why this process of restructuring the company not only seeks to deal with all these controversies and new obstacles, but also tries to wash your image to keep running. “NSO will ensure that the company’s innovative technologies are used to legitimate and worthy purposesShohat assured in the statement.

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