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The Doogee D11 arrives with an aggressive launch promotion


The well-known mobile device company and wearables Doogee has put on the international market a novel and affordable smart watch model D11which is characterized by the optimal autonomy of its 300 mAh battery, by the good capacity for notifications (also calls), GPS and NFC endowment, resistance to water and dust and by a differential design that is very pleasing to the eye.

The model is in a launch promotion until July 29, 2022, which reduces its original price by half, that is, to less than 50 euros.

Feature highlights

Dodge D11 It features a sturdy aluminum construction with rounded edges and a rotating crown for function control. It is a water and dust resistant equipment with 68 IP certification. It is available in different color combinations yellow-black, red-orange and black-white, among other strap possibilities.

The appearance of a square with a round sphere and its contrasting colors give it a very special design. By changing the straps we can find different styles adapted to the most personal taste.

1.32 inch screen

The model integrates a 1.32 “screen with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. We must highlight the resistance of the panel and that it also has an anti-fingerprint surface treatment (nano-coating). It allows you to choose between up to 200 different watch faces, and to control basic functions, it has a rotating crown, which complements the touch control of the equipment.

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sports monitoring

This model is specially designed for sports lovers, given its ability to monitor outdoor activity. It allows you to control up to 70 sports activities, the number of steps, the distance, the calories burned and the quality of sleep, among other features. It also includes monitoring of heart rate (24 hours), blood oxygen (24 hours), stress, menstrual cycle or mood in real time.

Connectivity and autonomy

The device It has GPS and NFC, as well as a Bluetooth connection with telephone function thanks to the integrated Realtek 8763EW chip. It has a microphone and speaker, which makes call functionality possible, which is complemented by the possibilities added by the AI ​​voice assistant and smart notifications.

Among the integrated Apps are the calculator, weather, stopwatch, music control, games, access to NFC functions, flashlight, and breathing exercises, among others.

The equipment includes a battery with a capacity of 300 mAh, which is recharged by magnetic charging. Battery life per charge ranges from 7 to up to 15 days (depending on use).

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Added values

Calls received on the phone can be answered through the watch, since it is connected by bluetooth. The D11 uses a special 2-in-1 Bluetooth call chip with RealTek 8763EW platforms, which further improves power efficiency.

The look of the clock is customizable with several different themes. The manufacturer informs that the database will be regularly updated with new designs.

Integrate voice assistant

It is waterproof and can be worn in the shower and withstands sweat and rain without problems.

It has control for 70 sport modes.

It integrates important phone functions: calls, received messages, plus fitness tracking, sports notifications, weather and music control. It allows stress detection, breathing exercises and mood monitoring. It monitors real-time heart rate for 24 hours, as well as sleep pattern and oxygen.


The smart watch model D11 from the Doogee company is now on sale with an interesting promotion until July 29. After that, an attractive price will be maintained compared to other brands and models on the market.

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