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The far-right Bolsonaro calls himself “the captain of the people” in his race for re-election


The captain of the people, he will win again/ he is from God and can be trusted/ because he defends the family“. The song it spreads all over Brazil to promote the candidacy of Jair Bolsonaro. Music cannot change reality and surveys for now they portend the president a defeat in the elections on October 2. The recent survey by the FSB institute shows that Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silvaof Workers’ Party (PT), has taken three more points ahead of the extreme right-winger who is running for re-election. The exmandatario has this week an intention to vote of 41% in the first round, against 31% of his rival. Datafolha’s measurement is much more favorable to the leftist candidate: 47% against 28%, which would place him one step away from winning in the first round. That possibility really drives the “people’s captain” crazy.

Although he has been campaigning since the beginning of the year, Bolsonaro He officially presented his candidacy last Sunday in Rio de Janeiro before some 10,000 people. Next to him was the candidate to vice presidency and former Minister of Defense, Walter Braga Netto. As the weeks go by, Bolsonarism will seek to give more convincing demonstrations of force in the streets. These days Bolsonaro oscillates between a difficult effort to show himself minimally tolerant and an anger that includes both doubt on transparency of the elections as a remedy to that eventual problem: the coup.

Beyond the bravado are the facts of reality: Brazil is as poor as it was in the 1990s. The pandemic left social wounds and 677,000 dead. Throughout these last two years, they presented themselves in Congress 140 impeachment petitions that did not prosper. The head of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira, and the Attorney General of the Republic, Augusto Aras, blocked any attempt to investigate the complaints that weigh on him Bolsonaro clan.

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growing adversities

However, this political and judicial immunity has no correspondence at the polls. A good part of the electorate that in 2018 awarded Bolsonaro with the presidency is turning its back on him. The case of the pentecostal churches is currently illustrative. Four years ago, Bolsonaro bathed in the waters of the Jordan River to ingratiate themselves with those parishioners. 70% of Brazilians who considered themselves evangelicals then opted for him. The president returned courtesies to those churches with strategic positions in the Government and the State. This time, the situation seems to be different. The Datafolha company has recorded that only 36% of evangelicals would repeat the vote of 2018.

In the last two weeks, marked by striking cases of political violence, Bolsonaro opened his hand to announce economic benefits to the most punished social sectors and at the same time closed his fist in front of the diplomatic community to repeat, on the basis of fake news, that the electoral system is not transparent.

Then he again attacked the authorities of the supreme court. “These few deaf people dressed in black have to understand what the voice of the people is. They have to understand that those who make the laws are the Executive and Legislative powers,” he bellowed. The response from civil society was immediate. Different pronouncements came to light from the academic and business community in defense of the elections. “We will not tolerate electoral violence, a subtype of political violence,” warned the Chief Justice Edson Fachinafter receiving members of the Brazilian Bar Association.

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growing intolerance

Bolsonaro’s words tend to go deep among the most radicalized sectors of his social base. “It is possible that the lunatics and the naive take it literally. However, whoever looks a little beyond the surface will already realize how much desperation there is in these statements,” said the S茫o Paulo newspaper Folha in your editorial. “How long will the country put up with so much impudence?? How many crimes of responsibility will be attributable to a president who is cunningly planning a coup to perpetuate himself in power?” asked the weekly Istoe. “You cannot be lenient with the senseless coup crusade under way. Congress and the Supreme Court have a civic duty to do something.”

In this context, the United States Secretary of DefenseLloyd Austin sent an unequivocal message to the Bolsonaro in Brasilia, who is trying to hide behind the military to challenge the results of October. the envoy of Joe Biden landed in Brazil to participate in a meeting of defense ministers from the entire region. A few hours after the president assured that “the Army is on our side” in relation to his candidacy, Austin made it known what Washington’s opinion is. “Credible deterrence requires military and security forces that are prepared, capable and under firm civilian control“.

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