Home News The first shipment of Ukrainian grain leaves from the port of Odessa

The first shipment of Ukrainian grain leaves from the port of Odessa

  • The ship will pass through Istanbul this Tuesday afternoon, from where, after being inspected, it will continue to Lebanon, the destination of its cargo

The first Ukrainian wheat freighter has already left the odessa portin the south of Ukrainefirst destination to Turkey and then to Lebanon.

This is the first Ukrainian cargo and sea export since the beginning of the Russian invasion at the end of February this year. Russia established, at the start of the war, a naval blockade on the Black Seawhich has only been broken – only for commercial freighters – thanks to the agreement reached in Istanbul two weeks ago with the mediation of Turkey and United Nations.

“Today is a day of relief for the world, and especially for our friends in Middle East, Asia and Africa. The first cargo ship with Ukrainian wheat has been able to leave Odessa after months of Russian blockade. Ukraine has always been a reliable partner and so it will continue to be as long as Russia respects its part of the deal”, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister said on Monday, Dmytro Kuleba.

According to the agreement, Moscow It will allow the safe transit of Ukrainian merchants through the Black Sea in exchange for kyiv not using its passage to import weapons and ammunition. To control these points, Ukraine and Russia agreed to establish a joint control center in Istanbul – also with the presence of the UN and Turkey. From there, the passage of ships and their inspection.

A ship from Sierra Leone

The first ship to leave Ukraine after the pact was the ship ‘reason’ with flag of Sierra Leone. carry on 26,000 tons of grain and its final destination is the port of tripoliin Lebanon.

After leaving the port of Odessa this Monday at 8:30 local time, however, the ‘Razoni’ will first go to Istanbul, where the contents of the cargo ship will be investigated by members of the Joint Coordination Center.

The ship is expected to arrive in the Turkish city on Tuesday afternoon. After the inspection, the freighter will be able to transit through the Bosphorus Strait in a southerly direction, first towards the Aegean Sea and then to Mediterranean. Final destination: Lebanon.

“Efforts continue so that Ukrainian wheat shipments can continue. This is a humanitarian issuesince the lack of food security can trigger other global security problems”, said the Turkish Defense Minister, Hulusi Akarwho has conducted negotiations between Ukraine and Russia.

“Turkey also wants to help, in addition, to unseat the wheat that is waiting to be exported in Russian ports”, Akar said. This grain is stopped by Western sanctions on Russian exports. The EU, however, was in favor a few weeks ago of lifting part of the sanctions against Russian fertilizers and wheat, something that has yet to materialize.

stolen wheat

Since the beginning of the war, international observers and several independent investigations have shown how Russia has been exporting wheat stolen from the Ukrainian silos in the cities and ports that Moscow was conquering. This wheat has mostly ended up in Turkish and Syrian portson intermittently on Egypt and Lebanon.

In fact, last week the ship arrived at the Lebanese port of Tripoli – the same port to which the Sierra Leone freighter ‘Razoni’ is now headed – ‘Laodicea’, with a Syrian flag and that, according to kyiv, was carrying stolen wheat. The ship docked at the port and shortly after, this Saturday, the prosecutor’s office of the Arab country ordered the seizure of your cargo.

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