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The most important floods since 1915 leave at least one dead in San Luis


At least a person passed away this Tuesday in San Luis (Missouri, USA) when registering the major floods in more than a century, while the west of the country is experiencing an unprecedented drought. According to data from the United States National Weather Service, San Luis accumulated more than 147 cubic centimeters of rainwater during the day on Tuesday, which generated the largest floods recorded in the city since 1915, when it was hit by a hurricane.

Firefighters and other emergency services continue to assess the damage, but there is already evidence of the death of at least a person who was trapped in their vehicle. Another 70 people had to be rescued, firefighters reported, and there are dozens of houses that have suffered serious damage.

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These floods occur when much of the country is experiencing intense drought and strong heat waves, a situation that is especially serious in the west, where gigantic forest fires have been declared in states such as California. Firefighters have managed to contain a quarter of the fire near Yosemite National Park that began last Friday in California and has devastated more than 7,310 hectares in Mariposa County until Tuesday, according to the state agency CalFire. “Work crews continue to provide structure defense,” said the agency on Tuesday, which keeps more than a dozen roads closed in the Sierra National Forest. He added that persistent drought, fuel material and tree mortality continue to contribute to the spread of the Oak Fire, which is 26% under control so far.

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