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The oasis of Lucho


Two months before the World Cup in Qatar, the Spanish team faces its two Nations League matches in an oasis of tranquility, oblivious to the controversies that Spanish football is experiencing and with the focus on the goal. It wasn’t always like this.

Luis Enrique he is achieving that the fires that could break the tranquility of the group are being suffocated sometimes from the grass itself, where the performance of the most questioned chosen ones have silenced mouths, and others from the press room. The ingenious staging of the summoned lists help. The last one, by bike through the Sierra de Guadarrama, was brilliant.

The selector has improved remarkably in front of the micro. His explanations and reasoning after his last call are unquestionable. Each fan will miss a player, but there is no doubt that the coach’s criteria is based on a detailed analysis of performance, first in the national team, as he explained in Las Rozas, and then in his teams. the debut of Gavi was considered an eccentricity by most. Two games were enough to shut up mouths.

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The eternal absence of Blades, second top Spanish scorer in the league, is the workhorse of the haters recalcitrant. Although without expressly mentioning it, after the call the coach explained himself as follows: “In his club, in that context, he is number one, everyone plays for him, he does not defend… he scores goals, he does this, the other… the context of the national team It’s very different, here we don’t all play for one”.

Zaragoza will experience the last match in Spain for the national team before Qatar. Switzerland is a rival to be placed. Two more will remain, the one against Portugal and against Jordan, in Amman, already at the gates of the World Cup. The base team is quite clear except for injuries, let’s cross our fingers. But there are still critical positions to be broken, such as left-back and players like Ansu Fati for getting on board on time or missing out on what would be his first World Cup. And by not being, or playing in June, the performance box in the national team is empty. The World Cup is being played at Barça… and in the performance of the strikers present against Switzerland and Portugal.

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