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The ‘Open Arms 1’ arrives in Messina with 402 rescued and the body of a child


Boat ‘Open Arms 1’ arrived this Thursday at the Italian port of Messina (Sicily, south), where the 402 people rescued during the mission of the humanitarian boat of the NGO and that also carries on board the corpse of a child. “The ‘Open Arms 1’ arrives in Messina where the 402 people on board will finally be able to receive the necessary care and see their rights recognised. A wish of good luck to them and a small thought for those who unfortunately lost their lives on this terrible journey” , wrote the NGO on their social networks.

The organization announced hours before that the Italian authorities had granted it that Sicilian port, where “the lifeless body of the brutally murdered child will be able to receive a decent burial” after 6 days of sailing. The ‘Open Arms 1’ has carried out several rescues in recent days, including the one it carried out last Saturday to save 59 people, including 6 children, who had abandoned their boat and taken refuge in an oil rig.

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Among them there was also a corpse, reported the NGO, which requested the urgent evacuation of some of them due to their medical problems. The landing in the port of Taranto (Apulia, south) is also expected from the humanitarian ship ‘SOS Humanity’, which sails with 398 other migrants, of which 192 are under 18 and 113 are traveling alone. And last Saturday the ship ‘Sea Watch 3’ of the German NGO of the same name arrived at the port of Reggio Calabria (south) with 428 migrants, after a state of necessity was declared on Friday due to the situation on board. So far this year, about 66,323 migrants have arrived on Italian shores, compared to 43,043 in the same period of 2021, according to updated data from the Ministry of the Interior.

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