Home Economy This is the exodus of the Russian population, increasing after Putin’s announcement

This is the exodus of the Russian population, increasing after Putin’s announcement


the intentions of to be able to leave Russia as far as possible they have exploded this Wednesday before Putin’s new announcement about his “partial mobilization” of troops. Many men do not want to perform compulsory military service, since a large part is not in favor of the country’s offensive to Ukraine or simply does not want to get involved in this war.

Thus, the demand for flights out of Russia has been so significant that tickets with Russian origin have been exhausted.

The official page that tracks flights in real time, flight radarhas notified this shocking curiosity with a video: “Flights leaving Moscow and St. Petersburg today. The AP is reporting many international flights leaving Russia and even a ‘sold out’ or price shot tickets after Putin announced the mobilization of reserves,” he said in the tweet.

Another way: the car

Other Russian citizens have decided to exile to another country by carafter the few plane tickets to nations where Russians do not need a visa, such as Armenia, Turkey or Azerbaijan and Central Asia.

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In neighboring Finland, the arrival of Russian citizens by road has increased by 57% this Wednesday, as reported by the Finnish Border Guard to the EFE agency, which pointed out that this Thursday the entry traffic is also intense.

Finland has practically become the only country of entry for Russian citizens in the European Union, due to the closure of the airspace to Russian planes and the virtual blockade of the land borders of the three Baltic republics and Poland to nationals of this country as a result of the war in Ukraine.

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