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This is the NeoBuds Pro, from Edifier


edifierrenowned audio company, has recently added to its catalog of headphones true wireless the model NeoBuds Prowhich is characterized by having the Hi-Res accreditation, a hallmark within the reach of high-quality audio products. The product adds a dynamic driver structure + BA, LHDC compatibility and resistance to water and dust of IP54 category.

According to the company, the product has been “perfectly tuned by our acoustics team to offer professional studio-quality sound, reach a frequency response of 40 KHz, and give extreme audio quality like no other in-ear device has.” Done before”.

Original design

The headphones recall the aesthetics of racing cars, with aerodynamic lines. They present a line of LED light on the case that gives an original touch.

The ear tips are made with an antibacterial filter, which protects against the growth of bacteria in the ear.

They are certified with the IP54 protocol, so they resist rain and sweat.

Technical characteristics

They have a composite diaphragm dynamic driver together with a Knowles-type BA driver, which provides them with a unique acoustic structure, which in combination with an active DSP-based crossover, manages very good quality music reproduction.

They specifically integrate LHDC (Low latency and High Definition audio Codec) audio decoding technology with a decoding rate of up to 900 kbps, which translates into powerful, natural and balanced audio in all tones.

They have ANC technology in a hybrid version. It combines active microphones and powerful processing software, which allows up to 42 dB of ambient noise to be removed. They also have an ambient sound monitoring function, adjustable according to the surrounding conditions.


The optimal result in music playback is also produced in phone calls, thanks to the implementation of the tri-MIC algorithm (developed by the brand), noise detection technology and artificial intelligence, which deals with the selection of sounds, to give clear conversations.

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They have an autonomy of 5 hours to which we must add 15 hours of the charging case, that is, more than 20 hours of use. They work with a fast charging system that with 10 minutes connected, 1 hour of use is achieved.


The brand has the Edifier Connect app available to users to manage and customize operation and equalization.

Three EQ modes (Dynamic, Pure and Custom) are set, but the EQ tones can be modified to achieve an audio effect according to personal taste.

A Game Mode has been created through which latency is reduced (up to 80 ms), so the synchronization between image and sound is very good.

Summary of Core Values

The Edifier NeoBuds Pro are true wireless earphones with innovative technologies and Hi-Res certified.

Its super fast charging mode and compatibility with Edifier Connect, allow you to adjust the sound to personal taste, and enjoy different capabilities of wireless experience.

They mount a dynamic driver with a compound diaphragm and a Knowles-type BA driver, presenting a unique acoustic structure.

Thanks to its active crossover, based on DSP, both drivers come together to work together and offer very high sound quality.

They support LHDC audio decoding, with a decoding rate of up to 900kbps. The system offers rich details, accurate music reproduction and the best listening experience.

With its hybrid ANC technology, noise cancellation can be up to 42dB.

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An exclusive tri-MIC algorithm and wind noise detection technology, complemented by an AI sound selection algorithm, weakens ambient noise and improves voice on calls. An ambient sound monitoring function can be freely adjusted in different scenarios.

With resistance to water and dust (IP54 protocol), they can be used in adverse weather conditions.

The ear pads that come with the headphones are designed with an antibacterial rate filter.

Its three EQ modes dynamic, pure and custom can be switched from the Edifier Connect app, and customize the EQ tones for a personal sound effect.

Technical highlights

High-resolution sound, that is, with a higher sample rate and/or bit depth than that of compact disc digital audio (CD-DA), which operates at 44.1 kHz/16 bits.

It brings LHDC and LDAC solution, Knowles Balanced Armature driver + dynamic driver + electronic crossover technology, so the TWS earphones have natural and balanced sound.

They work with hybrid ANC technology that can reduce surrounding noise to 42 dB.

The forward-fed and feedback microphones work together to reduce ambient noise, helping the speaking microphone intelligently recognize speech and filter out most of the surrounding noise.


bluetooth version: V5.0

Driver: dynamic + BA

Audio codecs: LDAC, LHDC, SBC

Playing time:

ANC on: about 5 hours (earphones) + 15 hours (charging case)

ANC off: about 6 hours (earphones) + 18 hours (charging case)

Battery capacity: 40 mAh (earphones) / 500 mAh (charging case)

Charging time: About 1 hour (earphones)/ About 1 hour (charging case)

Frequency response: 20Hz – 40kHz

Impedance: 24Ω

Charging port: USB-C

Sensitivity: 92 ± 3dB SPL (A)


The Edifier NeoBuds Pro can be purchased for about €129.

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