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Trick to read messages without entering the ‘app’


WhatsApp boasts of having privacy options strict that allow, for example, your users to choose who can see their profile picturelast connection, status and personal information included in your description.

But the quintessential instant messaging application also has tricks to circumvent this privacy, such as one that offers the possibility of knowing where a contact is without having to send their location.

Without being ‘online’

Inside of privacy option there is the one that allows you to read the messages without having to enter the application -and, therefore, without it appearing that you are ‘on-line‘ or the time of your last connection.

To do this, there was already an option, which was to select the “Notifications” window in the phone’s “Settings” and, more specifically, “Pop-up notifications”. There you have to select the “Always show pop-up elements”, or something similar, depending on whether your phone has an Android or iOs system.

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Via ‘Widgets’

But there is another way to do it, which does not require you to be disconnected from the internet. If your device has an Android system, press on any space on the screen that does not have applications or anything like that until the options “Backgrounds”, “Themes”, “Settings” and “Widgets” appear.

Under “Widgets”, various applications will be displayed. Choose the WhatsApp and place it on your screen, wherever you want. There you can read the messages without having to enter the ‘app’. In addition, you can also see conversations that you have “unread” and you can answer automatically without having to enter WhatsApp.

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