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Typhoon with unprecedented storm risk threatens Japan


The japan meteorological agency warned this Saturday that a “very dangerous” typhoon is heading towards the island of Kyushuin the south of the country, and urged the inhabitants to evacuate the area before dark. Experts predict that this typhoon, named ‘Nanmadol’, could become most destructive tropical storm that has plagued Japan in decades. The country’s authorities have activated the alert at a special level, an unprecedented category so far in the country.

According to the first reports, the typhoon is moving with gusts of up to 270 kilometers per hour as it passes through the island of Minami Daito, 450 km east of Okinawa, according to the Japanese meteorological agency. This is the fourteenth typhoon that the Asian country has suffered this season.

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I know wait to ‘nanmadol’ landfall on Sunday in Kyushu, in Kagoshima province, and continue north from there. “There is a risk of unprecedented stormshigh waves, storm surges and heavy rainfall,” Ryuta Kurora, head of the agency’s weather forecasting unit, told reporters.

The Japanese authorities have already begun to stop several train lines for this Saturday. Looking ahead to Sunday, the railway stoppage is expected to be even more widespread. Also they have been canceled dozens of flights scheduled for the entire weekend with origin or destination to the southern region.

utmost caution

“It is requested maximum caution”he added, asking residents to evacuate the area as soon as possible. “This typhoon is very dangerous,” she said. Japan’s meteorological agency has issued a “special warning” for Kagoshima prefecture and other parts of Kyushu, Japan’s southernmost main island, this Saturday due to the possibility of violent waves and heavy rain in these regions. is the first alert of its kind which is issued for any prefecture north of the Okinawa island chain, according to national media reports.

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“The wind will be so fierce that some houses could collapse“, he said, warning that flooding and landslides could also occur.

Japan, currently in its typhoon season, is hit by about 20 such storms each year, but scientists say that climate change is increasing the severity of these phenomena and causing extreme episodes such as heat waves, droughts and floods that are increasingly frequent and intense.

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