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“We have not asked for Vilda’s dismissal”


Jorge Vilda and the players of the Spanish women’s soccer team have tried to calm the fire that the group is experiencing after the captains requested the dismissal of the coach in a conversation with Vilda himself. The appearance has been separate, by decision of the communication department of the Spanish Federation soccer, who did not want to seat the captains at the same table with the coach.

hurt by the forms

First opened the intervention George Vilda, who appeared alone in the City of Soccer of Las Rozas. Vilda started the press conference by commenting on her situation, after the players had asked for her substitution: “I feel disappointed and I feel deeply hurt by this situation, especially because of the way of proceeding because the codes of football have been transferred . What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room and must be resolved in the locker room. I am a dialoguing person and my door is always open for dialogue. I feel very strong for the team we have built and have been building for years, for the way they play and their results. And of course it can be improved. And I also want to thank the support of the president, who has been a footballer”.

The coach defended the work of his team: “The coaching staff is top level and I wouldn’t change it for anyone. It is clear that we can all improve, but we are the most demanding. I have to focus on what happens in training and they are giving everything these days”. And later he confirmed his intention to continue in office, after receiving the support, among others, of Louis Rubiales, President of the Federation: “I feel stronger than ever and I am going to continue working and forming a competitive team. It is a privilege to be in the Spanish team and represent your country. We are going to continue building a structure, not just a senior team. I consider myself privileged and I have all the support to continue working”.

vilda He warned that “the situation that is being sold from the outside is much more tense than the one inside. There is no climate of normality and it is affecting, but it is not as much as it is being sold. We are very attentive to see which players are convinced of our work, we are waiting. I have the feeling that they all want to be here.” In addition, she insisted that “what has hurt me the most is how things have been done, but I think I am a person who puts up with almost everything. I have a clear conviction that the work being done is good and the Federation is behind pushing”.

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Asked about a possible replacement of captains, after they were the ones who requested their replacement, the coach from Madrid was clear: “I’m not going to go into who is or isn’t a captain. We are going to look for people who are 100 percent involved and who row in favor. The atmosphere in the locker room has always been good. In the first 15 days of the European Championship the atmosphere was good. The competition matches arrived and that has changed something. It was a football paradise and I hope that in the future it can be. We have a team of good players and we need a step to be a great team”.

Swerve of the players

Later, and without sharing a table with the coach, it was the turn of the three captains, Irene Paredes, Jenni Hermoso Y Patri Pebble. Captains who were supported by all the players of the national team, who appeared in the press room to show the unity of the group in such a delicate moment. The first captain, Irene Paredes, took the floor, who started trying to deny the information published so far: “We are here because we have expressly requested it and due to the information that has come out, we want to give our version of the information that is coming out. At no time have we asked for the dismissal of Jorge. The captains have transmitted the feeling of the players. We have a responsibility to do that and there have been a lot of leaks that are not helping. We want to put an end to these rumours. Let no one doubt the professionalism and commitment of this team”.

Patri Pebble confirmed that “there is a general discomfort in the team after what we experienced at the end of the European Championship. We think we have a group that can achieve big titles. We think and we feel. And after what lived in the European Championship, the group decides to transfer the message to the selector. We think we can win something important”. Jenny Beautiful, who was not in the European Championship due to injury, declared that “we are defending our team. We transmit a message of general malaise. And from that, each one is consistent with the place where it is. And when you enter the pitch the only thing you think about is defending this shield”.

Concluding the press conference again Irene Paredes, who has been singled out as one of the instigators of this mutiny: “I come out as the leader of this within a group in which someone has to speak and as the first captain that I am at the time we broadcast this, I was the first to speak, but not the only one. It’s a difficult moment for the whole team because we don’t like to be like this. We are an ambitious team and people want to improve and win. We believe that there are several internal aspects that need to be improved. We all would have liked the conversation to have stayed inside, but it has been leaked. What it is about is being brave and saying things, even if they are not pleasant and they change. And that’s what we’ve done.”

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Putting the climax with an enigmatic statement that leaves doubts in the air: “We are aware that we play football and we do not decide beyond what happens on the field. I have been informed that there will be modifications or that there will be an attempt to change the situation. And that’s where we can count.”

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