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What foods to avoid if you suffer from irritable bowel


The Irritable bowel syndrome It is not serious but it is very annoying for people who suffer from it, since in addition to the pain it causes, it complicates the nutritional day-to-day life that requires take care of food.

As the digestive specialists of the Spanish Foundation of the Digestive System (FEAD): “When talking about irritable bowel syndrome there are no forbidden or bad foods. It’s difficult to make a list of prohibited and allowed foods because it’s not an exact science.”

And it is that, as for the irritable colon, according to the FEAD “each person must identify which foods feel worse and reduce or eliminate them“.

What does exist is a certain consensus in those foods that worsen symptoms and that should be avoided as much as possible. a long list

  • The dairy productsespecially cow: yoghurts, milk, cream.

  • The glutena protein found in wheat, barley, spelt, and some types of oats.

  • The raw foodespecially if it is poultry, raw milk, eggs, fish, potatoes, bitter almonds, aubergines, raw mushrooms.

  • cruciferous vegetables: cauliflower, broccoli or Brussels sprouts.

  • The alcohol: any percentage of alcohol, no matter how low, is already harmful.

  • The caffeine: typical in certain types of soft drinks and in coffee.

  • The Carbonated drinks: common in many soft drinks, but also sparkling water.

  • The very fatty foods: vegetable oils made up of 99% fat, sauces made from these vegetable oils, butter, margarine, seeds and nuts, sausages and meat derivatives, cured cheeses…

  • The spicy. Very common for tapas and Asian and Latin American cuisines.

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