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What to do if your Twitter account is hacked


The password it doesn’t work for you, you profile has changed the image and posts strange messages. If this has happened to you there is no doubt, your account Twitter has been ‘hacked’. What can you do to get it back? We have spoken with the social network and, following their recommendations, here are some tips to solve this problem.

The theft of a Twitter account is not trivial. In addition to endangering your privacyBeing the victim of an attack can be equivalent to losing years of work. Especially for users who have built a community of followers on the platform they interact with. For many, such as journalists, academics or various disseminators, their activity on Twitter is a vital part of their profession, a channel through which they amplify their content. In some countries, revealing the identity of anonymous users can have dire consequences.

That is why Twitter asks its users to inform themselves to know how to protect your accounts before possible cyber attacks. A common method is accounts that impersonate Twitter to ask for your password or send you external malicious links that facilitate penetration into your system. For this reason, it is important to verify that both the accounts and the links always correspond to a real profile. “The first thing you have to keep in mind is that Twitter will never ask you for your password via Direct Message or email,” something they can only do via email in the event that your account has been hacked.

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The company recommends following its official security accounts @TwitterSecure Y @TwitterSafetyin which advice is given to improve security and not to fall into the traps of attackers.

suspicious activity

If you notice or are notified of any suspicious activity on your account, Twitter recommends that you change your password (don’t repeat the ones you have on other sites), make sure the email address associated with the account is secure, and revoke access from apps you don’t trust. Attackers could use a bug security there to steal your data and access your profile.

To avoid potential problems, Twitter also recommends using the two factor authentication. Thus, to enter your account, in addition to the password, you will also need a code that will be sent to your mobile or email, thus reinforcing security.

Both application developers and companies cyber security insist that users have systems antivirus and that they regularly update their operating system and their apps, because in each update they are usually corrected gaps security and add patches that protect users.

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Hacked account

If you haven’t followed these tips beforehand, your account may has already been exposed. If you cannot enter it, Twitter advises requesting a form to reset your password and thus try to regain control of your account. In case that doesn’t work, the company asks you to send a support request from your email address so they can assist you.

Even so, it may be that the cyberattack to which you have been a victim has not only stolen your Twitter password, but also that of other services such as email, which would make it impossible for you to contact the platform’s Support team. If so, you will have to solve that problem with the mail provider itself. Attackers often compromise more than one account of their victims, knowing that this not only gives them access to more data, but also makes it difficult for the victim to recover it.

Twitter sources assure EL PERIÓDICO that they are “evolving their efforts” by reducing the time to review potentially hacked accounts, limiting the actions they can take and improving suspicious activity detection systems. They have also added unsafe link warnings to help users not fall into the trap.

Twitter’s former chief security officer, Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, has sued the company in court, accusing management of “lying” and misleading regulators, users and the board of directors by hiding “extreme shortcomings.” and egregious” of its security system.

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